Films that blossom

“The world is a rose; smell it and pass it to your friends.” ~ Persian Proverb

The Road Between Us
(Trailer 2018)

Father-son cycle trip from Santa Monica to Chicago on Route 66.  (14 minute film being submitted to film festivals around the country.)

2nd Annual Women’s March (2018)

Live event shoot capturing the passion, commitment and creativity of women standing up for their rights.

Set Me Free
(Music video 2017)

K-Rose Productions’ first  music video created in collaboration with singer-songwriter Janie Worm, whose songs are infused with spirit.

Rest Stop Dogs

This fun short film captures 16 dogs and their owners as they take a pause in their journeys at the Talent, Oregon rest stop.  Every dog has a story!

Paintbrush Harvest

Betty LaDuke’s activist art honors farmworkers as they plow, prune, weed and harvest our food.  This 10-minute short doc looks at Betty’s painting process and the people she so colorfully captures.


OLD?! showcases over seventy people with poignant stories and plain-speak wisdom about the life journey of aging.

Free Voice ~ Free Spirit

A window into the life of Master Voice teacher Mouna Wilson.

Breath in Three Verses

Breath takes the viewer on a visual and auditory journey to reveal individual stories and perceptions about breath’s focus, power and impact.

Portrait of Isabelle

Portrait of Isabelle is a glimpse into the life and family of a young girl with Rett Syndrome.  Three years in the making, it follows Isabelle through her integration into a local third grade class.