Meet the Filmmaker


Kathy RoselliMy life work brought me to filmmaking. For over 35 years I was a passionate pediatric physical therapist –  with a particular love for working with babies and very young children.  As a visual thinker and film buff I also imagined what it might be like to make movies about children.

Late in my career, I met eighteen- month old Isabelle who was later diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. Her condition is a random genetic disorder, mostly affecting girls, that leads to difficulties with speech and movement, and in her case, seizures. Although Isabelle is non-verbal we shared an inner dialogue. When she was eight years old, while watching a movie together, she clearly communicated she wanted me to make a film about her. That was the spark that fired me up to create my first film, “Portrait of Isabelle.”

It took three years to manifest “Portrait of Isabelle” while I learned the basics of TV and film production and met talented young editors. Nathan Johnston was my first mentor and editor. Therese Condit was the key editor for “Portrait of Isabelle” as well as for my second film: “Breath In Three Verses.” They have helped me experience the power of co-creation.  My goal has been to produce a film annually, and as of 2017 I have completed five films.

Re-inventing myself as a documentary filmmaker in my retirement years has been a joy. My daughter Lisa McCrossan, a former TV news anchor-reporter is a constructive critic and active supporter. My son, Scott Petersen, an Audio Supervisor at a computer games company, has offered his input and expertise as a sound engineer. I have also enjoyed featuring my four grandchildren and husband Rand in my films. Family collaboration and support are important to me as K-Rose Productions blossoms.

After living in the mountains near Mt. Shasta for 18 years, I settled in Ashland, Oregon in 2011, where I feel right at home. It’s a delight to meet other women of my generation working in film. My goals are that each of my projects will be better technically and that every K-Rose Production film tells a story from the heart.

Kathy, Isabelle and Maura (Isabelle's mother)

Kathy, Isabelle and Isabelle’s mother, Maura.
Photo by Sharon DeMeyer

“It’s all about your attitude…
Some people complain because there are thorns on roses,
while others praise thorns for having roses among them.”
~ Unknown